Enhance Your Herd Management

TempTrack® Benefits

Early Illness Detection

  • Automatic alerts 3 to 5 days before clinical symptoms
  • Reduce milk loss due to illness
  • Improve milk quality
  • Decrease mortality

Accurate Heat and Ovulation Detection

  • Inseminate the right cow at the right time
  • Optimize your repro program
  • Decrease days open
  • Reduce drug use & cost

Calving Alerts

  • Ideal pen move timing
  • Reduce dystocia
  • Optimize timing of supplement & feed changes


DVM's TempTrack® system combines the world's most reliable temperature monitoring equipment and sophisticated analytical software.

Actionable Health, Breeding, and Calving Alerts.

Alerts can be sent to any device via SMS Text Message or Email.

University trialed and tested.

Sophisticated patented algorithms.

TempTrack® software analytics differentiate us from the competition.