Benefits of award winning TempTrack® analytical software

Early Illness Detection

Automatic Daily or Real-time Health Alerts (User defined)

Pre-clinical identification of illness (3 to 5 days)

Reduce milk loss due to illness

Improve milk quality (lower Somatic Cell Count)

Early Calving Detection (Parturition Alerts)

Automatic Calving Alerts

Move close-up cows at the right time 

Optimize timing of supplement feed changes

Ovulation Confirmation – Coming 2015

Automatic Confirmation Notification

Reduce days open by re-synching earlier

Additional System Benefits

Integrates data from major dairy herd software packages

Actuates sort gates, provides parlor voice & monitor alerts

SMS / E-mail notification

Animal record tool for those not using herd management software

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Decreased mortality rate

Lower healthcare and drug costs

Less illness

Optimize reproduction

Reduce the incidence of dystocia

More effective labor utilization

Enhance your current reproduction program

Increase Profit