TempTrack® Software

“TempTrack® does the work, providing you more time to focus on your animals”

DVM’s TempTrack® automatic health monitoring system uses sophisticated software and reliable rumen boluses to provide early illness detection, calving and breeding alerts to assure the absolute best care for your animals. The software uses proprietary algorithms to track, analyze and display temperature monitoring, temperature baseline calculations, medical data and alerts for each animal. This advance warning of mastitis, metritis, pneumonia and other diseases enables you to identify and treat sickness earlier, thus reducing milk productivity previously lost to illness, lessen the impact of disease on her reproductive function, thus improving your ability to breed her again and most importantly, generating more income from your investment.

TempTrack® Software Features

  • Easy to use
  • Text, email or printed alerts
  • Basic herd management (optional)
  • Follow-up reminders
  • Multiple languages
  • Secure, off-site automatic data backup
  • Integrates with most major herd management software
  • Remote access

TempTrack® Continuous Monitoring Benefits

  • Automatic health alerts 3 to 5 days before clinical symptoms
  • Reduce milk losses due to illness
  • Calving Alerts enable timely pen moves and reduce dystocia
  • Heat stress monitoring
  • Non-invasive animal monitoring
  • Permanent tamper-proof ID
  • Increase your profit

TempTrack® software graph with medical note (mastitis) from the client’s DairyComp305




“It’s like having another employee that works all day, every day of the year”